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25 September 2011 @ 11:15 am
had a tumblr. now a simblr.


please? :)

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15 September 2011 @ 06:13 pm
High School is freaking amazing! I love that we have advantages like over Middle Schools or Elementary Catholic Schools. Next Wednesday I have a liturgy thingy-thing and the New York's ArchBishop is going to our school! Yay!
I'm doing super good this first week. I've had all my homework assignments in on time and know all my teachers. My biology teacher and I are super close, lol. I know it's weird to be friends with your teacher and all but she's super nice! Say you forget homework (which will never happen to me) she'll make you fill out a missing homework paper & you get to finish it! BUT- if you try to finish homework in her class, she'll automatically give you a zero. (Whomp, Whomp, WHOMPP)
Anyways, my group of friends are uber-amazing. I have a girl as crazy as me. Two girls who literally make me want to piss my pants. One girl who laughs at everything I do (lol). And a girl who's really quiet but we have a really good time. One of my friends I've known since 7th grade. She's freaking sarcastic & shit but, she's smart :P I love her to death! I'm always on her blackberry sending out broadcasts to her friends on BlackBerry Messenger saying who's going to pick us up today. Today, somebody actually came (LOL!) She was mad, but we always make up. It wasn't tht serious anyways! xD
I haven't simmed in MONTHS or maybe weeks. But I'm actually enjoying the break (weird). Not sure if anyone else has heard of TeenNick on TV. Like ya'know a Channel you turn to? xP But I've been caught up in 'The 90's are All That' They're bringing back the classics! Hey Arnold! Kenan & Kel, All that, Clarissa Explains it all, Doug, EVERYTHING. If you've been watching it too- PUH-LEAZE leave a comment. LOL. I want to know what everyone's favorite show is.
My schedule is pretty awesome. I rarely have to like look at it- But I sure do not have it memorized! xD I have Gym/Physical Education last period on Day 1 (Which is like Monday) [My schedule is really confusing to read x) & I have Gym on Day 5 (Friday) I have a half-day next Wednesday & 2 Quizes (My first ones!) This Friday :O
Anyways- I just wanted to update my LiveJournal/Blog/Something I write on when I'm bored. (lol) See you guys hopefully soon! :)

p.s. I have developed a crush, x)

♥ , Carter.
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10 September 2011 @ 11:03 am
Hey! started school last wednesday, & let me tell you- highschool is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. tbh, i thought it was going to be horrible. Now, it's freaking awesome. You see your friends in the hall & your like 'OMG HAI, WHERE ARE YOU GOING NOW?' lulz, but yes. it is amazing. my full days start on monday. okay- so if you're interested in downloading kacie & seeing more of her pictures, they're all under the cut.

they say love is the key - somebody change the lockCollapse )
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06 September 2011 @ 11:24 am

*edit: just saw the clipping* FUUUUUUU.
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04 September 2011 @ 11:41 pm
Hey! Most of us are getting ready for school, packing bookbags, slowly going to sleep more earlier, giving up our computers, studying for tests on the first day (omg, me) lol. School starts for me on Wednesday, September 7th 2011. I have orientation the first day & I don't go back until Friday, lol. I'm super excited. First day jitters/butterflies xD (Freshmen! Don't know what to expect!) Anyways, just wanted to say that I won't be commenting on your legacies as much as I used to. Really want to focuse on school work & grades! Harvard is where I'm heading 4 years from now! This summer has been amazing for me! Met new friends on Livejournal, boosted my confidence, lost weight, Vacation, everything I've done this summer has really been a blessing. I just wanted to know ahead of time what to expect at my Orientation. So tell me! What was your high school orientation/first day as a freshmen like?! :D

Wish me luck !
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