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carter's journal ♥

where a love for drake & sims collide.

Hi! So I see you wanted to know more about me! Oh my gosh! That's so nice of you! ♥ I'm a little crazy- maybe more than crazy! But, I'm a very nice person, most of the times I'm happy, or hyper! I love Cupcakes! Especially Red Velvet. My favorite thing to do is listen to music. I love all types of music, except country. I love hip-hop and R&B. To me, anything with a catchy beat is on my iPod! My favorite celebrity is Drake! I'm absolutely crazy about him and I would love to meet him one day. My birthday is on May 13. I'm Hispanic. Dominican & Puerto Rican. I am Catholic. I go to a private High School. I'm currently 14 and I am a honor student :) I'm proud! My ambitions in life are to get into Harvard University, Own a home, Get married, then have Kids. During summer vacation you can find me on my computer on TheSims 3 or blogging on Livejournal. I love to read legacies on Livejournal and that's one of the main reasons I joined livejournal. Mainly to comment on legacies and other amazing things you can do here on Livejournal. I do have a legacy, but it's rarely updated. I try my best to update on my family here on Livejournal but I get so caught up on other legacies I forget about my own, lol! I do make sims, and put them up for download. I own all Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs for TheSims 3 except Fast Lanes. My favorite expansion pack by EA would have to be Generations! My favorite Stuff Pack would have to be Outdoor Living Stuff. I'm not too good at building on TheSims 3. My favorite thing to do when I'm playing Sims is make sims. I will admit that I download so much CC and I am a noob. I have no idea how to fix files, or any of those things, lol. It took me years to learn how to install custom hairs & .package files. I usually get my custom content from MySims3Blog, Newsea, Peggy, & retextures of hairs from Lotus' Journal & Anubis360. I play Playstation 3 and I am a huge fan of ModernWarfare2, Black Ops, & (coming soon) ModernWarfare 3! I think I've covered it all! I'm sure I have covered everything so far. If you want to know more about me- PLEASE. Don't be shy! I really don't bite! Just ask :) I'm pretty sure your curious self has already learned enough about me ;) Thanks for visiting my page! Don't forget to comment on any of my recent posts! P.S. I have a secret addiction to Sour Patch Kids!